Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hot and humid days

It seems that in eastern Ontario we go from winter, to a brief encounter with spring and then summer comes with a humidex of 39 C and violent thunderstorms. It must be that weather change that has me up a 5 am ready to start my day!
I spend a lot of time at my cottage in the summers and this year I decided that in order to do that I needed to bring my sewing machine down. I set up a lovely little corner and now I have an area in which I can be creative while enjoying the majestic St Lawrence River.  I love my weekends of R&R and having time to catch up with the pile of books and magazines I want to read but during the week I enjoy getting some work done. I spend most of my year working in my studio so a change of scenery for the summer is a treat and very inspiring.
Christine and I have been busy working on quilts for Northcott. Visit to or to see some of our newest patterns.
Today we are spending the day dyeing wool. We have wanted to do this for the past year and never seem to have a whole day to devote so today is the day!