Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Quilt Festival

Exciting news! A Needle Pulling Thread made its debut at Quilt Festival and the response was overwhelming. Carla and I worked long hours and introduced the magazine to anyone who would listen. There were so many people there and the crowds were still good despite the economic times. Shoppers were more selective about what they spent their money on but they were still spending - me included!
Elizabeth Dillinger's "Holiday Sparkle" quilt which was on the front cover of the Festive Issue and hanging in the booth was a huge hit. Everyone stopped to admire the quilt which was a great lead in to our spiel about ANPT.
The quilt show was stunning. I spent a bit of time admiring the Canadian exhibition as well as the Quilting Arts show. I could have had a lot more time but we were too busy to get away from the booth for long periods of time.
As exciting as it was to be there I am sure glad to be home!